About FADS

FADS is a full-service drug testing facility.

  • Offers lab-based, rapid, and POCT urine tests, lab-based hair tests, and DNA tests
  • Associates with all major laboratories (LabCorp, Quest, Alere, MedTox, others)
  • Serves employers as a third-party administrator and/or collection site
  • Provides after-hours mobile testing

FADS is a professionally run business.

  • Performs all collections using DOT standards and procedures
  • Operates in a professional environment
  • Uses three certified collectors and holds membership in DATIA

Employers benefit from drug testing.

  • Employers generally receive a 5% discount on workers’ comp with a drug testing policy in place
  • Pre-employment drug screening identifies problem employees before they are hired
  • Random drug testing provides the greatest deterrent to employee substance abuse


DATIAWe’re a member of DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association) with three certified collectors


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